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Box Music offers 2 options

•  1-hour broadcast
•  2-hour broadcast

If you choose 1 hour, we need at least 45 minutes of audio from you. You have the choice from 08 pm till 09 pm or from 09 pm till 10 pm. (CET+1)
The final choice is made in consultation by Box Music. We determine what suits you best, based on the genre or style.

When you choose to fill 2 hours, we need at least 100 minutes of audio.

Information / Biography
In addition to the audio, we need some info about you, like a biography. We use this to get prepared and to ask you the right / best questions. This also applies to individual songs ... if you want to tell something about it, let us know and we will use it when moving from track to track. All information must really be in our possession at least 1 week before broadcast. This gives us time to compile a setlist and prepare the questions.

It must be of good quality. No recordings with a phone or other type of camera. Preferably professionally recorded tracks and all of approximately the same volume level. After all, you want to look good, right?
File format: MP3 or Wav.

"Promotion makes the show"! Box Music gives extensive attention to the broadcast! However, we also expect you to do that. From 3 days before the broadcast, you can place the flyer that we offer on the band's Facebook page several times and ask your followers to share it. You can also make your own flyer in consultation, no problem!
On the day of the broadcast give some extra attention to this, this will only generate more listeners for you.

Also invite all your followers to "like" Box Music's facebook page! The more attention we receive, the more attention we can give and thereby help you and other artists further!

After the broadcast
We record the entire broadcast. These will be sent to you by WeTransfer within 2 work days if you wish. Nice to have anyway! Also within 2 work days we place the entire broadcast on YouTube and your music is scheduled in the Non-Stop program on Box Music!

Sounds good? Sign up and we will see what we can do for you! Just do it!



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