Recognize this?

At 4 pm you pack your car full of gear and instruments because you have a show late in the evening. You arrive at the venue, introduce yourself and then start to build up your stage. As soon as everything is in place, the sound check must be done and when all the buttons are in the right direction, you have a few hours before your performance starts.

The plan was to start at 9 pm, 3 sets of about 45 minutes, but the venue askes you to start half an hour later… there is not that much audience yet. Fine. Eventually it will be 09:45 pm before the first sounds come out of your speakers. With the breaks and encore it will eventually be 1:00 AM before you are done. Have a chat, have a drink and pack your stuff together, load it up and before you know, it will be 4:00 AM before you get back home. Earnings? Come on… you will not get rich and you will do it purely for the love of your music and the pleasure that you get from it.

We knows this, from our own experience.
In late 2019, early 2020, we were brainstorming to see how we could help these musicians, even if only a little.
The idea was there ... we are going to set up an internet broadcaster, invite the musicians to a 'special' and let this be heard live to the widest possible audience.

Box Music was "born"!

So… investing in studio equipment, software licenses, hosting provider, streaming provider and the "player" on the website and of course the promotion. Cool, everything done. Install and test everything for months, and test again… and again! At the end it all works properly so we can get started.

March 19, 2020 the first official broadcast: New Bliss. We got through this broadcast unscathed, so on to the next. Now, at the end of May 2020, we have listeners in countries such as UK, USA, Canada, most of the EU, Hungary, Ukraine, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and even one in China.

The attention for Box Music continues to grow, requests for a show keep coming in and the agenda is well filled. Every now and then we also have big names in the programming, with which Box Music considerably increases its fame: Rusty Wright (USA), Belgian U2 Experience, The Liberators, Detonics, Dave Warmerdam Band, Jambow Jane (Italy) and so on. Good move!

We are proud of what we have achieved already.
For ourselves, but mainly for the talented musicians that we draw attention to!